Fatal Expectation

by The Reformation

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released July 27, 2013

All tracks composed by M. Penco/C. Schneider/K. Brower/D. Miller except:
Track 1 by J. Larkin/K. Brower/M. Penco/C. Schneider/D. Miller
Tracks 3, 8 by M. Penco/K. Brower/D. Miller/L. Randolph
Track 4 by M. Penco/C. Schneider/K. Brower/D. Miller/F. Carneiro
Track 5 by M. Penco/C. Schneider/D. Miller/R. Petraglia

The Reformation:
Matt Penco - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Caroline Schneider - Vocals, Violin, Percussion
Kyle Brower - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Dan Miller - Electric Bass Guitars, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Produced and Engineered by Matt Penco

Additional Personnel:
Logan Randolph - Alto Saxophone on Tracks 3, 8; Artwork
Bijan Sharifi - Supplemental vocal recording on Tracks 6, 7

Recorded and edited from May 12, 2012 through July 3, 2013 in Allison Park, PA; Sewickley, PA; and Berkeley, CA
Mixed from March 4, 2013 through July 27, 2013 in Allison Park, PA

Original photography by NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). NASA does not endorse this product.
Cover lettering by bran

Copyright © 2013 The Reformation / ℗ 2013 The Reformation.
All selections published by Reformationsongs, LLC (ASCAP). Used by permission.
Cover Artwork Copyright © 2013 The Reformation and Logan Randolph.
WARNING: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


all rights reserved



The Reformation

The Reformation is a progressive rock band. They have released two albums and their upcoming EP Power Trip is slated for release in 2020.

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Track Name: Fatal Expectation
I see your wistful eyes
Denote your tragic plea
Under a thoughtful guise
Rather it's vanity

It's to be expected
Loss of so much perspective

Looking inward from outside
Building what might seem like something meant
For greatness in the end
But, what do you know?
Left in the cold
Does anyone here have the time?

Isn't it silly?
It comes to extremes
When nobodies threaten to crush all the heart and soul
Seems to me like a coup
Like a plan
Like a barrage of gunfire in the faces that don't understand
Image means more than a quality score
Or a lyric that speaks to a million before
Efforts are dropped off the edge of a cliff to shatter
And hopefully cling together with some kind of glue
It's me or it's you
The rat race
It wages in varying stages
Just like animals trapped in our cages
Making our endless and turbulent ways through a wasteland
With no hope of getting our damned music played
Yeah, it's silly
They said it so plain and direct
That you need nothing more than an easy connect
To reel 'em all in
Sounds like a sin
You want to know something?
It isn't as easy as one might expect

Pronounced and distinct rage
Withholding pleasure’s sign
Coming forth an empty page
Resisting thoughts benign

It's so clear, stand right here
Have no fear, insincere
Lost in awe, break the law
Last hurrah, fatal flaw
Track Name: A Grave Path
Incite a riot, play those games
Ignite my mind, rather take the reigns
Lost and found, pain and strife
Dead and gone, hold on for dear life
Lucid thoughts in a never ending wave
Where time is nothing but a path to the grave

(Hate, pray, fate, wait, hate)
(Fate, wait, hate, pray, fate)

Run the gamut, chaotic interface
Break the leash, jump the fence, get on board
Impossible to replace
Stuck in tow with a monumental fee
Cross your heart, what a lie, no, no
Not good enough for me

Wait, wait, wait
Breaching that confidence you hate, hate, hate
No sense of evidence
They pray, pray, pray upon a brighter source
And fate, fate, fate
It loses all its force

Pray, pray, pray upon a brighter source
And fate, fate, fate
It loses all its force
Then why the hell stay?
Bridge gaps, believe it's right
And wait, wait, wait
Breaching that confidence
Track Name: Lady in Red
The lady enters with an air
Dripping with sex, curves set to stun
Gentlemen and women stare
Demeanor cocked just like a gun
Clouds of smoke parting their ways
With the glow of golden thighs
Flowing hair and legs for days
Isn't modest, though she tries

Willkommen, Bienvenue
Be anything you dream to be
Hesitation far and few
This page is blank and fresh to ink
Join the lengthy client list
Buying in to all the perks
Line is forming 'round the back
Safe to say the system works

A thousand gazes holding fast
She turns her head and bats an eye
Tracing fingers 'round her glass
Like a queen, needn't ask why
Barkeep's laying it on thick
Frosted lips without a sound
Mind awash with better things
The game is merely lost and found

Hunger less than sated
Cloying dreams reflect no hope
Moral code, in fact, sedated
Answers swing at the end of the rope

Lady in red leaves a mark upon the room
Ghostly remnants linger still
A slight scent of sweet perfume
A fantasy imprinted in their heads
The wife and family
That'll have to do instead
Track Name: Change
False security yields
Illusions shattering
Wanting both but just one letting go
Progress down the drain

Time spent, time is long gone
And the cries are left unheard
Lost memories, fresh as dew at dawn
But now things have changed...for you

One tangled mess on the page
(That was easily)
Expressed by practicing on pianos
Not in plain text
But with letters that go unsent

Travel on
Seems regression is the answer
Longing for that same affection
Yet dreams get killed even faster

Trapped within themselves
Lost and wasting away in a shrine
Drifting further apart from that song
Sick thoughts of a paradigm shift
Track Name: Immortal Bliss
Tangled limbs amidst the swirling
Of a radiant connection
Flesh against others' glorious arrangement
Rear back in ecstasy
Removed from a single circumstance
Penning in a contract to the climax
Merging details all despite convention
Bask in fluidity

Serpentine sight and sound
Turning it all around
Leaping forward into motion
Climbing a precipice
Touching immortal bliss
Lost in space, you've reached the groove

Rhythm pulses, fleeting wisps of nothing
Consciousness abandons every inch
Accept the tug of full immersion
Won't touch the thought of reality
Proper function melding into something
Giving, taking
Born to crash into an aural ocean laps at shore
Breathe deep, give in to what it seems

Serpentine sight and sound
Turning it all around
Leaping forward into motion
Climbing a precipice
Touching immortal bliss
Right on top hangs the groove
Track Name: Face of Stone
Strewn, rolling along
Settle in ways that
Only certain memories can make
Wielding a pastime
All alone
A face of stone across enemy lines

Fools rushing the doors
Trample the years of
Pleas that no one ever claimed to hear
Booking the next flight
Feel the pull
Notice the wool slip over your eyes

Clouds no longer lined in silver
Misfortune's cross to bear
Public cries and fond admissions
The people stop and stare

Recessed impulse, halted progress
It is not quite what they suggest
Oh, the final word rings muted
Bold diversions, fate excluded

Sneer in my face while I'm struggling to thrive
My thoughts on that issue stand
I'm barely alive
And giving it all while emerging from depths
They'll likely forget how to impart respect
Some thanks are still due
But let's just surmise
The effort meant nothing
They're withholding the prize

Bright filaments glow
And suddenly burn out
Energy was wasted long ago
Surviving a landslide
The will is gone
The facts all wrong
It's starting to show

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